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FASTANKs Head North To Alaska For Oil Emergencies

FASTANK are supplying 18 of our patented containment systems to the remote Alaska Clean Seas (ACS) oil spill emergency response bases across the northern US state.

ACS, headquartered in Anchorage, use FASTANKs in fast response operations against any oil spills from the 800 mile Alyeska pipeline taking crude oil to the marine terminal at Valdez, the most northern port in North America. The pipeline was revitalised last year by the discovery of 1.2 billion barrels of oil on government land in northern Alaska.

Seamus Connolly, founder and Managing Director of FASTANK, commented on the new contract saying: “We’re delighted to have won this new ACS business for our emergency response tanks. Our tanks are now the preferred option for ACS in its preparations to be able to deal quickly and effectively with any oil spills in the State. Our FASTANKS proved their value in the huge clean-up operation associated with the infamous Exxon Valdez oil spill in March 1989. Our highly portable and versatile FASTANKs were transported swiftly to the spill site and used to help clean up the oil pollution. When the 1989 spill from the stricken tanker occurred, we were under severe pressure to supply as many oil spill containment tanks as possible. So urgent was the need of the Alaskan State government they wanted to send a charter flight to Belfast International to collect all our available tanks.

However, by working through the night the company loaded a flight to Amsterdam the next morning with 50 FASTANKs which then connected directly to Anchorage. These emergency tanks were the earliest pieces of equipment to arrive to combat the massive spill almost 30 years ago.  The Exxon Valdez incident established FASTANKs credentials as the best available product worldwide for oil spill recovery and containment. This prized marketing position the company has maintained to this day.America now has more untapped oil than any other country on the planet and so provision to protect the environment from oil spills is critical. Our FASTANKs are now regarded worldwide as the best containment option. As a result, FASTANKs have been used in every major oil spill emergency,” Mr Connolly adds.

Alaska has been a valuable market for FASTANK products since 1984. Not just sales to the oil industry but also forest firefighting and aquaculture.

FASTANK, established in 1981, has developed a portfolio of highly innovative FASTANK clean-up and containment products for oil and hazardous waste in particular. The tanks are highly portable and can be assembled in less than10 minutes without tools. FASTANKS are supplied in rotationally moulded EzeeBOX containers, designed by Fast Engineering, for ease of storage and transport. 


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