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Tuesday, 07 November 2017 08:38

FASTANK - Man Overboard Recovery System.

Oil Spill Response involves a lot of on water work from boats with the attendant risk of someone falling overboard. If they fall into oil it is an even bigger problem. To recover a casualty from water is challenging and difficult, as anyone who has been involved can testify.

Fast Engineering who are known for their innovation have developed a simple solution in conjunction with their local inshore rescue service to address the problem. A short video of the rescue system in operation can be viewed on YouTube at https://youtu.be/i6Tv8HnKtTI

The innovation consists of two mesh stretchers which can be clicked together. One edge is attached to the boat and the other to a flotation pole. Due to the mesh the stretcher will partially submerge and the casualty can be pulled over it, then rolled into the boat with minimal risk or strain on the rescuers in the boat. When at the dock the double stretcher can be unclicked and a single unit used to carry the casualty ashore.

Casualties with injuries or broken bones are cradled by the soft stretcher and held firmly without pressure concentrations on the body. The mesh also affords high friction to prevent the casualty slipping on the stretcher for example when going up steps.

If the casualty has to be decontaminated, the mesh, again, has the advantage that wash water will not pond around the body, but flow away through the mesh.

The system has been tested to 200 kgs. (440 lbs.). It packages to a small volume which can easily be stored on board a vessel and weighs only 2.20 kg. (5 lbs.). The materials used are corrosion resistant, hygienic and easily cleaned, ideal in a marine environment. 

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